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Located in rural Iron Station, North Carolina, the Reel Amethyst Mine, has made its mark in the precious gemstone community by continually producing museum quality specimens. Founded in the 1940's by the "Reel" Family, the Reel Amethyst Mine sits within the fault line that over time has created incredible mineral deposits. This expansive amethyst belt is approximately 100 miles wide and runs from central Virginia to northern Georgia. John S White, former curator of Minerals and Gemstones for the Smithsonian, said that this locality is the source of the finest amethyst cluster ever discovered in North America. The Reel Amethyst Mine has been making headlines since 1972, when Lewis Sigmon discovered a 165 lb amethyst cluster. It is rumored that Tiffany & Company mined the area in the early days. There are many experts in the field that have written about high-quality specimens found in the Reel Amethyst Mine vicinity as early as 1907. 

In more recent history, the Reel Amethyst Mine made a major donation to the the Museum of Natural History on February 7th, 2017. One of three specimens is on permanent display at the Smithsonian with plans to have two additional pieces make their way to the display case. Additionally, a donation was made to the University of Arizona on February 7th, 2019. "Poseidon" was generously donated to the university and will remain in Tucson. 

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